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China Reasserts Global Dominance With World's Largest Wooden Plate

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While the rest of the world fussed over China's new "factory refurbished" Soviet-era aircraft carrier, no one in the West paid any attention to another display of might in the country's Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

The "acquisition of an aircraft carrier is driven in part by China’s desire for international prestige," reads a briefing document from the Center for Strategic and International Studies. But where's the intelligence report on the world's largest wooden plate, rolled out before our very eyes while they were temporarily diverted?

It happened last Saturday at the opening ceremony of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region's Big Plate Cuisine Festival -- and we now must accept the fact that we were caught flat-footed.

"With a diameter of 2.4 meters, the wooden plate stands for the 24 ethnic groups in Shawan County. The painting of the 13 dancing couples around the wooden plate stands for unity and harmony among people from various ethnic groups as well as their joined efforts in building up our beautiful homeland. The logo of our Shawan County centered in the plate indicates that people in Shawan will unite together and make further endeavors," said Xie Qiang, secretary of the Party Committee in Shawan.

China Central Television claims the plate has been recognized as the world's largest by Guinness, though official confirmation has not yet been made available.
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