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Gadget Maker Creates iPad-like Tablet for Ages 0-4

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The new gadget  VINCI  is posed to hit the market this week. It's not for you, dear reader. It's for your infant son or daughter.

The VINCI was created by a mother and telecom entrepreneur named Dan Yang, Ph.D., currently the CEO and founder of Santa Monica, California-headquartered Rullingnet Corp. She's also the founder of Dowslake Microsystems Corporation. Now she's breaking into education technology with the invention of a tablet computer for kids aged 0-4. Yang got the idea after finding her daughter playing around with a smart phone in 2009.

According to the company website:

VINCI Tab is a mobile touchscreen computer created with your child’s safety as our primary concern. A protective soft-cornered handle uses non-toxic medical-grade material. Unlike other tablet and phone devices, VINCI has no WIFI functions (no WIFI/3G) minimizing emissions and ensuring safety for very young users.

VINCI is powered by the revolutionary Google Android operating system. We encourage 3rd party developers to join our efforts and develop age-specific, inspirational games and story books.

VINCI's patented hardware design ensures:

* No compromise of your child's safety. We know young children are attracted to mobile devices. Our design protects them from injury by using child-safe materials and by minimizing emissions.

* Age-specific, inspiring and educational applications designed for toddlers and beyond. No need to worry about your child viewing inappropriate content.

* No need to censor or protect your content/device from your child or worry about your child accidentally deleting important content.

* Peace of mind knowing there will be no unintended charges for connectivity, downloads etc.

Creator Yang told CNN that her tablet's software is aimed at combining the best of traditional Eastern toys, which tend to emphasize cognitive skills, with the strengths of Western toys, which usually foster creativity, independence and communication. She feels that regular child-geared apps on adult-geared tablets aren’t suitable tools to nurture early childhood development.

What? iPad apps aren't able nurture infant minds?

For some parents the draw to this pricey baby toy (prices range from $389 for the inexpensive model to $479 for the more expensive one, with double the battery life) is more than just an extravagant (and nurturing?) stepping stone from the womb to the world. It keeps kids away from their own tablets!

Ricardo Bilton says it best in his blog The Toy Box, “Face it: You love your kids, but you love your iPad more. And despite
what people say, that’s perfectly fine - assuming you keep your iPad safe from the sharp nails and drooling jaws of your young ones.”

That’s just where the VINCI comes in. Instead of having to tell your child, “No, this is an adult toy,” or putting the iPad away when you’re not using it, adults can now buy a padded, less-destructible version for their infants.

The VINCI, a tablet computer made to withstand drool and other playpen hazards.

Something tells me the VINCI is not going to deter toddlers or kids from interest in their parents' iPads for long -- what's out of reach is always more desirable.

The VINCI has been on Amazon for pre-sale since July 29. It was expected to launch today but so far on Amazon, pre-ordering is the only option.

No doubt infants have already learned how to do that, too.
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