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Infographic: Just How in Love are Students With Technology?

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When parents send their kids away to college, they often worry about their sons or daughters knocking back too many cold ones on week nights, or dabbling with drugs. It’s safe to say there’s a new addiction in town: technology.

Parents were astounded to learn that a test conducted at Maryland University found a substantial percentage of students experienced symptoms “commonly associated with drug and alcohol addictions” when shut off from technology for 24 hours.

Well then, it makes sense that 38% of students don’t go more than 10 minutes without using a digital device.

On the bright side, according to the infographic below by Online Education, student’s use of technology has, for the most part, enriched their educational experience.

This obsession with technology has caught the attention of tech companies and software developers, who continue to create apps that mesh student life with education.

Sick of hand writing out flashcard after flashcard, or realizing you have misplaced hundreds of flashcards by the time finals come around? The app StudyDroid allows Droid users to directly put flashcards into their phone.

Also, Apple has created an app called iStudiezPro, which serves as a daily planner that “help[s] people schedule their events, homework, assignments and much more.” Blackberry’s app Student Docket functions the same way.

Online Education continues to break down the love affair between students and technology in the following infographic.

Students Love Technology
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