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Baseball Bat Sales Up 6,000% as London Riots Continue

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With riots spreading from London to other cities in the UK, sales of aluminum baseball bats on's UK website have risen an astonishing 6,000%.

And no, the British haven't suddenly developed a love for America's national pastime. While the Rucanor aluminum bat (a steal at £17.15) is sitting proudly atop Amazon's list of "Movers and Shakers", the "Military Police Telescopic Tonfa" occupying the #2 spot paints a frightening picture of the current situation.

The Mirror notes that "there are a total of seven different kinds of baseball bats" in the list's top ten, and John Hudson over at The Atlantic Wire points out "a handy customer review" of the Rucanor, dated August 9:

This bat is perfectly weighted and will suit any UK shop-owner looking to protect their property.

Thanks to the ergonomic handle, one easy swing should be enough to shatter patellas, skulls or any other bone on your targeted looter. Personally, I would recommend also investing in some fingerless gloves for extra grip.

As for the other items flying off Amazon's vitual shelves, Gizmodo points out that the "Zumba DVD workout set is up 342 per cent, which probably isn't related" to the riots.
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