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Tooth Fairy in Second Half of Double Dip

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Oh, it'd be great to be six again, and not have to give a thought to the debt ceiling, the unemployment rate, and the Dow plummeting 512 points in one day. Wrong. Six-year-olds are feeling the repercussions too. The tooth fairy must be worried about her portfolio because she’s being pretty stingy this year.

It seems that the falling market is affecting everything. Its so influential that it is taking the tooth fairy down with it. According
to an annual tooth fairy survey by Visa, children across the country are receiving on average $2.60 per tooth this year, down $.40 from last years $3 per tooth. Kids in the eastern US saw a 38% cut in tooth fairy earnings this year!


According to Marketplace money, however, kids aren't bitter towards the US economy for forcing the tooth fairy to shortchange them. Nine-year-old Ella and seven-year-old Faye offer some other ideas.

"Tooth Fairy just thinks that the kids are getting too spoiled and they don't need three dollars for just a tiny tooth."


"I think the Tooth Fairy might be running out of money, 'cause she always gives kids money and then she might run out of it. Yeah."

The tooth fairy definitely gets an A for effort though. She is still visiting 90% of kids, holding steady with last year's results.

At the end of their tooth fairy "report", Visa includes a public service announcement urging parents to use the tooth fairy as an opportunity to give kids a “money talk.”

Jeff Berwick of the Resource Investor gives an example of how this talk will go:

“ ‘You see son,’ starts Dad, ‘we live in an artificial, criminal money system where the money supply is manipulated by a central banking cartel who inflates the money supply to prop up the coercive governmental system that enslaves us and transfers wealth to the power elite.’”

Don’t tell them to save their money urges Berwick, because in 10 years that $2.60 will be worth next to nothing.

Maybe the tooth fairy should switch from bills to gold, and get the next generation of Americans started off on the right track.
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