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New iPhone App Reveals the Awkward Moments Before the Photo

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Remember the end of the intro to Alf, when our favorite wisecracking alien -- is there any other kind? -- sets up a camcorder to shoot a family-style portrait? Then the family poses as if it's a still camera? Sure, it doesn't make much sense, but a sitcom revolving around a Melmacian who eats cats doesn't offer much logic.

However, it's one example of a very cinematic trope -- seeing the moments leading up to a photo, the screen flashing white, and a still frame floating onto the screen revealing the picture. (Spike Jonze's excellent video for Elekrobank employed the same effect.) Wouldn't it be cool to see that employed into a smartphone app?

Well, developers Nick Long, Paul Robinett, and Esther Crawford did just that in their new iPhone app called GLMPS. Along with the final shot, GLMPS records the few seconds before the picture is taken -- spitting back a video/picture combo that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or the web.

AllThingD's Ina Fried shared this one in particular:

It's a neat effect and reminds me of those countless sitcoms showing a bickering family, an offscreen voice yelling "Cheese!", and the whole group stopping dead and smiling nonchalantly into the camera.

And the best part, it could provide a much-needed break from the Instagram filter influx.

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