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LOBSTERCAM: Markets Got You Flummoxed? Check Out These Lobsters

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So this hasn't been a good week for you, the investor. The US stock market just took a swan dive out a window. Europe's on the brink of collapse, and soon we might not have a global banking system as we've come to know it.

There are plenty of people out who'll tell you how to react. Our advice? We have no advice. Except this: Turn off CNBC, toss your BlackBerry into a desk drawer, and take a few deep breaths. For god's sake, stay away from Nouriel Roubini.

And check out these lobsters.

What you're watching is a live feed of a lobster trap in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It's gone mildly viral on the Canadian internet since its Wednesday launch; its proprietor believes it's the world's only streaming view of lobsters in the wild.

Will the lobsters help you reach some insight into the market's next moves? No, of course not. They're lobsters. But let's be real – no one can really tell you what happens next. The events unfolding now have no historical precedent.  Besides, humans got us into this mess. Are you really going to trust humans to protect your assets in the aftermath?

Here's what lobsters can tell you, though: Whatever happens, the world goes on. Life adapts. These marine arthropods have been around, mostly unchanged, for more than 100 million years. They've lived through Ice Ages and continental shifts. Yes, we could learn something from their staying power.

Do you think lobsters were wringing their claws, wondering whether to convert their lobster currencies into gold ingots, when an asteroid impact was wiping out the dinosaurs? No. They swam on, felt around with their antennules for smaller crustaceans to eat, and occasionally sloughed off their shells so they could keep growing. When it comes down to it, that's pretty much what we'll all be doing, too.

Is it possible you'll lose money by zoning out and pondering ancient crustaceans while you could be reacting to up-to-the-minute market analysis? Sure. It's possible. But it's equally likely active trading would screw you over right now. (Which isn't to say now wouldn't be a great time to start your 14-day free trial to Minyanville's premium Buzz and Banter service.)

And maybe it just doesn't really matter. Take it from these Buddhists, who yesterday bought 600 pounds of – yes – lobsters, just to liberate them off the northern shores of Massachusetts Bay. “Their happiness is as important as your happiness, their suffering is as important as your suffering,” graduate student Victoria Han explained to Reuters.

Those lobsters do look happy, don't they. Why can't you just be happy, too?
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