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Comic: Perfect Summary of the Senseless Mac vs. PC War

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Hell hath no fury like a fanboy scorned.

If you're an occasional reader of my articles, you might be familiar with the white hot vitriol spewing forth in the comment sections. Typically germinating within articles on Apple, Google, or any of their mobile devices, a few -- oddly loyal -- readers don't have enough hate in their hearts for my interpretation of the news.

However, the venom usually surrounds iPhone vs. Android debates -- which is better, has more features, is copying the other, etc. Lately, the Biggest and Longest Tech War has largely dissipated and shifted toward the mobile arena.

Of course, I'm talking about the decades-long battle between Mac and PC users.

Despite the relatively recent Apple campaign which personified either opponent as comedian John Hodgman and actor Justin Long, the debate has somewhat died out. Mac OS Lion was just released, Windows 7 is hanging in there until the next version makes its debut, but either side has grown quiet. Loyalty remains, sure, but the vehement insults and smug sarcasm has been relegated to iPhone vs. Droid debates.

Reflecting this, webcomic XKCD gives a perfect summation of the current state of the Mac vs. PC war.

So, all has calmed down. That is, until one person interprets this comic as an endorsement for Google Chrome OS, and the whole damn thing starts up again.

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