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Visualizing Google+'s Race to 25 Million

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We're over a month into Google+'s lifespan, and the social network continues its steady climb. Although traffic and subsequent media coverage has taken a dip, the Facebook alternative has reached a phenomenal 25 million unique visitors -- making it the fastest social network to do so by a long shot.

Search Engine Land charted Google+'s explosive growth against that of MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook. However, bear in mind, none of the latter three benefited from built-in familiarity as prominent as Google.

Market researchers at comScore crunched some more numbers on Google+'s first month. In the US, traffic hit its biggest surge in mid-July but has steadily slowed. Comparatively, however, the traffic worldwide has seen a much steeper climb.

The lion's share of Google+ users are here in the States, with nearly 3 million more than in the second place holder, India. There's a big drop off after second, leaving Canada, UK, and Germany on nearly equal footing in the third, fourth, and fifth places.

While previous estimates by two sources claimed that Google+'s male users claimed between 73.7% and 86.8% of the base, comScore estimates that the gender gap is not so severe -- with males making up 63% of the user base. comScore also broke down the site usage for seven age groups and showed that Google+ is overwhelmingly most popular with the 25-34 age group with 35% of the users.

And Internet Explorer users may not be the dumbest of the browser bunch, but they do represent the smallest Google+ usage base amongst it, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Although Chrome is available on 31% of computers, it represents the highest representation -- 59% -- of Google+'s browser penetration.

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