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Follow-Up: Internet Explorer Users May Not Be So Dumb

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Well, one thing's for sure: Tech journalists and bloggers certainly feel like a bunch of IE users today.

Last week, a study emerged that claimed people who use Internet Explorer were, by and large, dumber than those who use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera. The results were supposedly based on 100,000 participants who underwent an IQ test and were asked what their web browser of choice was. AptiQuant, the group behind the study, even claimed that compared to results from 2006, the IQs of IE users actually dropped -- signaling that those of higher intelligence actually migrated to an alternate browser.

We all had a good laugh about it, and it made for a great story. But further investigation reveals that the legitimacy of the AptiQuant group is under question. In fact, it might not even exist.

BBC News and Computer Business Review delved deeper into the study and discovered that large portions of AptiQuant's website is directly lifted from legitimate businesses -- as seen here and here. Central Test, however, sent a statement to CBR claiming they are not affiliated with AptiQuant: "I can confirm that there is no formal link between the Central Test and [the] company called AptiQuant."

So much for the study, I suppose.

But phony research aside, IE users, you should really consider switching to a different browser.

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