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How to Get Out of Jail Using Only a Phone

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As an incarcerated Richard Dean Anderson struggles to break out of jail by concocting a mild explosive using discarded cellophane and spit, prisoner Larry Stone is casually strolling away due to a glitch in the jail's phone system.

ABC News relates a fairly humorous story about Stone's recent stint in the Lake County Jail in Florida. Stone was held in prison for property crime charges since April and needed to post $1,200 in bail. So, naturally, Stone did what anyone else would do: Abuse the jail's faulty phone plan to rack up the money in fraudulent refunds.

You see, in Lake County, prisoners are refunded the cost of a call into an account if it goes unanswered. Stone noticed in early July that the phone system was accidentally refunding double the cost of the call. So, naturally, Stone began making calls to "local, long-distance, and international numbers" and after only 77 incomplete calls raked in over $1,250 -- more than enough to post bail.

The kicker: Stone was given an extra $50.69 from the money left over.

But like any surefire plan to break out of prison, word spread throughout the prison yard and soon jailbirds across the cell block were putting Stone's methods to use. After a reported 256 inmates tried the plan, prison officials started catching on.

"The jail's IT department noticed an unusual amount of phone calls being placed, all of which were incomplete," jail spokesman Lt. John Herrell told ABC News. "When we found out about it, we were shocked. We're not really sure how the word spread, but it was definitely going around and people were jumping on the bandwagon."

After officials alerted the company that handles the transactions, the glitch was quickly patched and -- after hearing law enforcement was looking for him -- Stone turned himself in. Unfortunately, rather than impressing the guards with his phone ingenuity, Stone faces additional charges and could see more jail time.

So it's back to business as usual at the Gray Bar Hotel. But just a heads up, Lake County: Should more than a few prisoners request an oversized poster of Rita Hayworth, you might want to look into that, too.

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