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Will Ballet Swoop Sony Off its Feet?

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After sinking to a $199 million quarterly loss today, which Sony attributes mostly to lingering affects of the March Japanese
earthquake, a strong yen, and disappointing TV sales, the world’s fifth largest media conglomerate is in need of a boost.

According to CNN Money, Sony reported a loss of 19 cents per share, and had lower sales than the same period a year ago. Its stock fell 1.2%.

Perhaps inspired by Americans' renewed interest in ballet, a trend sparked by the hit thriller Black Swan, Sony seems to be looking to ballerinas to help it leap out of its downward spiral.

As reported by the DailyMail, a prima ballerina done up in a lilac and tulle tutu twirled across 7th Avenue this past week, repeating her routine several times -- through the hellish 100-degree plus heat -- to get her movements just right for a new Sony ad.

There’s no word yet on how the company is going to pull in diehard tech heads with this graceful approach, but hopefully ballet will have incited the rest of the general public enough for the ads to catch some attention. For New Yorkers it was eye-catching enough to see a prima ballerina twirling and pirouetting amidst the heat and traffic of Midtown.

Some stills from the set:

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