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White House Joke Ill-Timed, Ridiculously Unfunny

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Looks like Bush's tax cuts aren't the only thing the White House is reviving from the last administration. Apparently, hackneyed cultural touchstones can also be added to the list.

The last thing President Obama and his cabinet need right now is to appear out of touch. With the economy still reeling, with people still out of work, and with corporations still evading taxes, this country can't afford to have a Washington that thinks the middle class is too preoccupied with the Friends series finale to realize they're getting screwed.

But lo and behold, the government's attempt at humor not only comes at the worst possible time, the joke itself has the timeliness of an Austin Powers catchphrase.

With an increased Twitter presence, the White House has been fielding questions from the public regarding the looming debt crisis. But rather than outright saying, "You know, maybe corporations and the insanely wealthy should pay a little more in taxes," the person running the account decided to lighten the mood.

Yesterday, Twitter user David Wiggs posted, "This WH correspondence briefing isn't nearly as entertaining as yesterday's."

All right. Not exactly something that requires a reply.

Nevertheless, the White House thought "two can play at this game," and offered its hilarious response:

Yes. The White House just Rick Roll'd us.

You know, you would think that once a joke is given the main stage at the friggin' Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade almost three years ago, it would be over by now. That it's been relegated to your dad's emails or a Leno monologue.

But no. Leave it to the US Government to try to relate to the public with something that's at least four years past its prime. Something old and hackneyed. Something that was never good to begin with.

But if that's its way of choosing public referendum, we shouldn't be surprised.

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