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Sanest Man in Congress Resigns

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Considering the shenanigans taking place in Washington, DC at the moment, the man who appears to be our sanest legislator has announced his resignation.

Seven-term Congressman David Wu (D-Oregon) is stepping down after being accused of engaging in "aggressive and unwanted sexual behavior" with the 18 year-old daughter of a longtime friend and campaign contributor.

The former lawyer, who inexplicably sent the above photograph to staffers weeks before his re-election last November (who immediately attempted to steer him into a psychiatric hospital, to no avail), will leave office "upon the resolution of the debt ceiling crisis."

Roll Call's Neda Semnani has compiled David Wu's five weirdest moments for our (reasonably uncomfortable) enjoyment:

5. In 2007, Wu gave a speech on the floor urging Americans not to “let faux Klingons send real Americans to war.”

4. In October 2010, he admitted to using painkillers and accepting two oxycodone tablets from a donor just months after he told his Democratic colleagues that he had stopped drinking.

3. In February 2011, he sent an email to his staff posing as his middle-school-aged daughter and another posing as his son.

2. He sent a picture of himself wearing a tiger suit to his staff.

1. After staging two interventions, at least six of his most loyal staff members quit en masse in a last-ditch effort to urge him into treatment. They were so concerned about his mental health that they even researched available beds in psychiatric facilities in the Pacific Northwest.

But wait -- there's more!

The Atlantic Wire's Elspeth Reeve has put together her own collection of Wu antics, some of which Semnani neglected to include (with so much nuts, it's kinda hard to fit it all in).

One gem from last fall:

October 29, 2010: A traveler files a complaint with the Transportation Security Administration after Wu manages to convince a TSA employee let him into a restricted area of the Portland airport to try to convince de-planing passengers to vote for him. The outburst was followed two days later by an episode at Portland International Airport, where Wu used his influence as a member of Congress to enter a restricted area and campaign for votes from off-loading passengers.

Good thing he'll be sticking around to see the debt ceiling issue through -- we wouldn't want to rely on any other current legislators to get this one right.
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