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Confirmed: Apple Will Allow Goats in Its Stores

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On-the-street comedy generally accomplishes nothing but groans and exhaustion. Unless you're Letterman or Smigel, the setups tend to be sloppy, the quips are usually strained, and all parties involved appear tired and annoyed.

In fact, a handheld camera and the phrase "Excuse me, sir..." can now officially be considered a precursor to an exasperated sigh.

But what of those rare cases when the performer is out to prove a point -- and actually succeeds? Well, Mark Malkoff did just that when he tested how much he could get away with in an Apple Store before he was kicked out. And as it turns out, it's pretty damn far -- he was never kicked out. Despite having a pizza delivered, going on a formal date, dressing as Darth Vader, and bringing in a goat, New York Apple Stores appear to have seen it all.

But I guess having a friend record the action with a camcorder would influence the staff to take the merriment in stride. Or they were too busy doing their job to really take notice. Or, it being New York, they've seen far crazier things in their store.

Or they just enjoyed being reminded of the recurring bit on Letterman.

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