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Google+ Games Are on Their Way

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If the relationship between Facebook and Google+ wasn't rocky enough, battle lines will soon be drawn on Google+. And the soldiers will come armed with plasma guns and Angry Birds.

SlashGear discovered that within the help pages for Google+ was a mention of a "Games Stream." Although little is known about what such a feature will entail, it presumably means that Google+ will follow in the footsteps of Facebook and introduce even more diversion into its social network. Here's what the Help page currently looks like:

However, when you click on the Games Stream link, it brings you to a 404 page. No help page as of yet.

But the newest mention of games within Google+ coincides with a report last week regarding a "Google Games" logo and game-related APIs buried within Google+ code.

So yes, they're coming.

While exactly how games will implemented is still a mystery, SlashGear notes a Google "social gaming team" are in talks with gaming companies and that the company was believed to have secretly invested between $100 and $200 million in FarmVille-maker Zynga. The blog also mentions the possibility of Android integration where your existing Google+ stream could turn into a leaderboard, posting your best scores from Android games.

Pretty spiffy

Although Facebook's ire had already been raised over Chrome extensions and banner ads, it ought to get downright chilly in Zuckerberg HQ once Google+ debuts its Games Stream.

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