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Apple's Steve Jobs Mocked by Taiwan's Infamous CGI

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We should all have learned by now that a news story doesn't have legs until it's been mocked by NMA -- Taiwan's greatest media team specializing in CGI re-enactments. Covering every story worth covering, the NMA have already skewered stories like Osama bin Laden's assassination, Conan O'Brien's war with NBC, and the Tiger Woods sex scandal. Between the tongue-in-cheek characterizations and hilarious gags throughout, NMA rivals The Daily Show in terms of laughs-per-minute.

And now, as we've subconsciously hoped, they've targeted the Fake Apple Stores.

This week, BirdAbroad reported on the counterfeit Apple Store in Kunming, China -- completely unauthorized but entirely realistic. Although early reports suggested that even the employees were convinced their place of work was Apple-guaranteed, one staffer revealed to the Wall Street Journal that no, they are aware that they're a big bunch of phonies.

Thankfully, the incredible story eventually made its way into NMA's radar, which has put together another stellar take on the news story.

Only this time, Steve Jobs plays the role of Darth Vader.

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