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Google+ Circle Forms Jobs Blog for 11,000 Ex-Borders Employees

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The oh-so-young Google + networking tool has already produced what may be its first novel, national cause -- a blog that people can use to help now out-of-work Borders employees find a new job. It's called Help Ex-Borders Employees, and it's found here.

Here's the introduction posted by one of the blog's creators, Colleen Lindsay, yesterday evening:

Some colleagues and friends of mine and I were pondering out loud on Google+ today: How can we in the writing/bookselling/publishing community come together to try to help some of those Borders employees find new jobs. Clearly we can't find work for all 11,000...but what if we could help 50? or 100? even 1000?

It occurred to us that a lot of you folks may know about job openings for positions related to those that a lot of these Borders employees were doing. Positions like booksellers, inventory managers, community relations and events managers, social media managers, web developers, buyers, cashiers, shipping and receiving clerks, warehouse people, bookkeepers, baristas, etc.. (Yeah, it takes a village to run a bookstore. Trust me: I've managed big stores and small ones. It's not all reading, hand-selling and having enlightening conversations about books. Sometimes it's all about mopping the bathroom floors. So don't think it has to be a bookstore job you're offering.)

But how best to let people know about these jobs? Sure, there's some great places online that post publishing positions, but these won't all be publishing jobs. And not everyone posts all their open positions. And most of the publishing job boards focus on the New York-area, which won't help many of the Borders employees.

So after much Google+ brainstorming, Laura Anne Gilman came up with the idea for a Borders blog, a place where those folks who work near a Borders store that is closing can post about any open positions they'd like an unemployed Borders employee to get first crack at. Chris Kubica put this Posterous blog together together on the fly.

The co-conspirators behind this project are a small group of writers and editors (Kublica also runs a programming studio in Chapel Hill, NC) who obviously have a soft spot for bookstores and the people who keep them humming. Other trade publications, like Publishers Weekly, have been spreading word of the blog via Twitter.

Here's an early response from an ex-Borders employee, as posted to the site's comment section:

I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts on behalf of myself and the other Borders employees. One of my coworkers has desperately been trying to get a full-time job for over a year before the inevitable happened. Despite over a decade of work at Borders (managerial, inventory, merchandising, you name it, he's done it) as well as some publishing & teaching experience, he hasn't had any luck. I'm going to tell him to keep an eye out on this space. Maybe something will finally come through.

And amen about the bathroom cleanup. We had a faulty automatic flusher in one of the men's urinals. I had to fix it & mop that damn floor so many times that even if a male manager was on, I was still the one they sent in!

And since that comment went up, a few job listings have followed. Bookstore owners in Rhode Island, Florida, Maine and New York (Westhampton, no less), have posted ads and instructions for job seekers. Amen to that. And the timing couldn't have been better:

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