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William Shatner Kicked Off Google+, Google Comes to Hollywood's Rescue

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Google + is creating a system to lure in high-profile users by providing them with security against impersonators, the same way Twitter uses a blue check symbol to mark a verified account.

William Shatner must be happy about this new development. His Google + account was deactivated for “violating standards” on Monday. This was a big mistake for Google +. Shatner tweeted about the irritation to 646,327 followers.

Within hours his account was reactivated.

That kind of incident is scary for the three-week-old social networking site locked in a head-to-head battle with Facebook. Negative publicity from Tweeting celebrities will not help them get ahead.

So let’s bring the celebrities in, rather than force them out, says Google.

That’s what their “celebrity acquisition plan” is for. The site plans to attract Hollywood A-listers with this system which serves to verify Google+ users who are most likely to spawn impostors.

Unsurprisingly, after their exclusive debut and overall top secret plans for the site, Google +'s spokeswoman does not offer up any information on their new system, telling CNN,  “We aren’t yet sharing any details on future plans around Google+. We plan to add a lot of features and functionality to Google + over time.”

But it does look like Google+ plans to mirror Twitter’s verifying system to bring Hollywood to their site, followed by the rest of the world. One method being considered: Google could have celebrities fax a copy of his or her license to the company, said Brett Schulte, a Hollywood consultant and organizer of social-media gatherings called Tweet House. Schulte claims to have met with Google employees about the project.

Another more likely option would involve Google arranging a list of top talent agencies and consultants who could then file requests directly.

However they’re going to do it, Google+ better act fast to bring in publicity with Hollywood’s elite.
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