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Study: Digital Snooping on the Rise Among Spouses, Parents

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"Your mother reads your mail?"
"What do you mean? Like postcards?"
"No, anything."
"She doesn't open?"
"She'll open!"
"You've caught your mother opening envelopes!"
"What did she say?"
"'I was curious!'"
"Isn't that against the law?"
"Maybe I can get her locked up."
-- Seinfeld, "The Marine Biologist"

Better start logging out of Gmail and regularly clearing your call history. Heck, with these figures, better only use your browser in Incognito Mode and sleep with your iPhone under your pillow. Next to a firearm.

According to a study by gadget review site Retrevo, digital snooping is on the rise among spouses and parents. Off a survey of 1,000 parents, spouses, and significant others, Retrevo reports that roughly 33% of people have checked the email or call history of someone they're dating without their knowledge. Matrimony only exacerbates the lack of trust, boosting that stat to an average of 37%. In each case, girlfriends and wives admit to snooping 5% and 9% more than their male counterparts.

Parents are just as bad. Asked if they've ever checked their child's email or call history, 36% of fathers and 39% of mothers said yes. Worse yet, 53% of dads admitted they'd secretly monitor their child with a cell phone tracking device. But a whopping 64% of moms -- tightening their apron strings around their kids' necks -- said they'd do the same.

Remember that on the second Sunday in May.

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