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Twitter and Flickr: Astounding Images Map the Social Networking Lights of New York and the World

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The Daily Mail came out last Friday with a series of maps created by digital cartographer Eric Fischer depicting the usage of Twitter and Flickr in different parts of the world. The orange lights represent tweets, the blue ones represent Flickr pictures, while the white represents both. Flickr, the photo sharing website, along with Twitter, the quick status updating site common among celebrities, are shown to be most densely concentrated in the white light of downtown Manhattan.

Pictures with Flickr seem to fill Central Park with a concentration of orange lights illuminating the park as well as the tip of Manhattan and beyond, covering the scenic perimeter or the city, as well as bridges and ferries. Twitter is dominant and spreads out far, away from the main island to the other burrows.

Fischer also applied his technology to the United States, showing concentrations of social media near the coasts and major cities. East and west coasts are hot spots while the lights become dimmer as you spread into the center of the country as well as north into Canada.

In his map of the globe, the social media outlets shine brightest in North America and Europe. Japan and Indonesia also have high concentrations of the blue light indicating Twitter usages, while South America, Asia, Africa, and most of Australia seem to be left in the dark.

These maps of Twitter and Flickr serve not only to show how much social networking traffic is concentrated in different areas of the world, but also which countries have internet access and high concentrations of people with smart phones (as most who upload to these sites do so with mobile devices). Yet, through Fischer’s maps we also see which areas contain the highest concentrations of people who think their own lives are exciting enough, glamorous enough to entertain the whole world with minute-to-minute status updates and photos. It seems unsurprising that westerners take the lead.

(By the way, if you want to follow Eric Fischer on Twitter, he's right here.)
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