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Infographic: An Apple Without Steve Jobs

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Analysts and investors are preparing for the moment. A date sometime in the future. Maybe soon, maybe years from now. But whenever it takes place, it will inexorably change the face of one of the biggest companies in the world.

I'm speaking of the day Steve Jobs steps down from his position as CEO of Apple.

While some predict that moment as disastrous for Apple's stock, others cite the likelihood of the company's intense preparation for that day and the (hopefully) smooth transition to new leadership.

But that being said, it'll be unquestionably different. Jobs spearheaded some of, if not, the most revolutionary devices of the 21st century. To say he has big shoes to fill would be an understatement.

So what has Apple prepared specifically? Well, this being Apple, the plans are obviously guarded within a laser-protected field, watched by armed guards, and secured hundreds of feet below the earth's crust.

However, compiled the information we do know about Apple University and the strategy for Jobs' legacy to live on in his absence. Take a gander at the infographic below and rest assured that there is a contingency plan.

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