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Man Etches Barcode on Mother's Tombstone for Perpetual Memorial

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How would you liked to be scanned for eternity? To be Google Goggled until the end of time? To have friends, relatives, and loved ones standing atop your remains, carefully aligning their smartphone cameras until a message appears?

If you don't want a succinct epitaph, it might be the price you'll have to pay.

Mashable shares the story of Yoav Medan and his mother Judith, who passed away in June. Medan, a Israel-based medical technology executive, was at a loss in composing a suitable epitaph for his mother. So rather than falling back on a simple yet hackneyed "Devoted Mother," Medan discussed the matter with his family and chose to place a QR code in lieu of permanent memorial.

The QR code directs visitors to an ongoing memorial for Judith that Medan posted. He told Mashable, "I [didn't] know what we wanted to write [on the tombstone] and it will never be everything for everyone. By having something that is dynamic and can extend over time, we can capture it."

The code itself is laser-engraved into the rock, painted black, and protected by a glass plate. The person who created the tombstone wants to turn this into a business.

Medan hopes this will extend the memory of his mother. "I was most concerned about 20 or 40 years from now, how will she be remembered. … [I wanted to put] what's in our memory into a place that doesn't forget," he said.

Let's just hope QR code technology remains backwards-compatible in 2051.

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