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Google+: It's a Guy Thing

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In February 2010, AdMob released the metrics for the gender breakdown of smartphone users. The split between the sexes was fairly even for iPhone and Palm Pre devices -- 57% and 58%, respectively. Android, on the other hand, skewed heavily toward male users at a whopping 73%.

While a robot-and-missile-centric ad campaign took some of the blame for that, Android's early "techie" connotation did attract the geekier demographic (read: male) before appealing to a more general audience.

And a little over two weeks into its run, the same can be said for Google+.

As Google held its earnings call and announced a very successful second quarter, two stat trackers found that the early user base for Google+ is overwhelmingly male. Of the social networks' 10 million users, FindPeopleOnPlus estimates that 73.7% of Google+ users are male. SocialStatistics puts the percentage of gents even higher, at an astounding 86.8%.

Furthermore, folks on the hunt for Mr. Right should flock to Google+. FindPeopleOnPlus claims that men make up 95% of those whose profiles say they're "looking for love."

Mashable's Jolie O'Dell writes that these stats underscore the public's early thoughts of Google+, namely "nerdy guys who have deep understandings of technology and who don't mind killing some time setting up Circles of friends." Couple that with the recent tweet from filmmaker and entrepreneur Kim Sherrell: "Google+ was invented so humans could get an accurate count of geeks on Earth."

The modifier "male" was implied, I assume.

While Google is still in the midst of removing the shrink wrap off Google+, it still needs to appeal to female users in order to flourish. As O'Dell notes, Facebook's current usage base is roughly 50-50 between men and women.

And like the men it attracts, Google+ has to shake off that geeky demeanor before becoming a suitable mate for most women.

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