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Google+ Mocked on Late Night

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This week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Seth Green commended Google's decision to make its new social network more like an exclusive club -- but not without a bit of mockery.

Since its launch, Google+ has had a virtual velvet rope in front of its doors, only allowing people who were personally invited inside. Demand was overwhelming -- to the point where Google had to shut down invites and even ran out of disk space -- but it has since opened the doors back up, but not without a bouncer checking the guest list.

Both Green and Fallon remarked how the invites added to the allure of Google+. Doing a more effeminate impression of David Spade as Dick Clark's personal assistant, the two wisenheimers imitated the overly apologetic Google+ bouncer only accepting the "two to three million" allowed inside.

Check out the clip below.

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