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One Third of iPhone Owners Are Sorely Mistaken

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No one could claim the marketing behind Apple's mobile devices is anything but a rousing success. Almost overshadowing the incredible devices themselves, the company's push behind iPods, iPhones, and iPads -- from the first keynote presentation to the last pop-infused television ad -- creates a reality where consumers couldn't envision their lives without this shiny piece of machinery.

But a not-unintentional side effect of this type of marketing is the public misconception that Apple products are the first and/or only devices to accomplish the features being touted. Ask a devout Apple fanatic or peruse a comment section -- often on this site -- and you won't be hard pressed to find a slightly skewed point of view based on this incorrect impression. Apple makes quality products, but there are few things it holds claim to that Android, Motorola, Samsung, and HTC can't as well.

Whether or not it does them better is a different argument.

Case in point: Carriers are well into their 4G network push. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile are steadily building up their respective next-generation networks and launching mobile devices to utilize the faster speeds. HTC's ThunderBolt, Samsung's Epic 4G, and Motorola's Atrix are some of the more high profile devices to capitalize off carriers' 4G networks. But what you won't find on the 4G product list is any existing iPhone model.

However, many iPhone users believe they're on that list -- to the tune of 34%.

According to a recent study by Retrevo, over one third of iPhone owners believe their iPhone device utilizes a 4G network. Retrevo suspects it could have something to do with the "4" in the iPhone 4 model's name, but one shouldn't rule out Apple zealotry as clouding the minds of a few users.

Then again, Retrevo found that 24% of BlackBerry owners are equally clueless and believe their device is 4G when no such BlackBerry handset exists. As for Android users, the number is inconclusive because numerous 4G handsets exist and respondents could have been answering correctly.

In addition, Retrevo found that almost a third of respondents think 4G is too expensive, 40% of iPhone owners will buy the next model even if it doesn't have 4G, and 19% haven't a clue what 4G means.

And to the carriers who've aired ads featuring the term surrounded by fire and lightning, drawing the attention of consumers who only know that "4G" means "better," that 19% suits them just fine.

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