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Best Reactions to Netflix's Price Hike

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For a while now, BitTorrent claims a commanding share of all web traffic -- dwarfing the likes of Hulu and Netflix. But after yesterday's announcement, it looks like Netflix may give BitTorrent a little extra traffic.

The popular online rental house announced a new pricing structure that will begin September 1 of this year. Under these new payment options, customers will no longer be able to stream unlimited video and rent unlimited DVDs one at a time for the current $9.99 a month. Instead, those options are separated into two different plans: unlimited streaming for $7.99 per month and unlimited DVDs (one at a time) for $7.99 per month -- for a combined total of $15.98.

In a month and a half, customers will have to pay 60% more to enjoy their current services.

But despite the waning interest in DVDs and other physical media, subscribers are up in arms over the price hike -- taking their virtual torches and pitchforks to official Netflix blog and Twitter and Facebook alike. Many are threatening to switch to the dollar-per-disc Redbox machines and cancel their subscription altogether. Others remain more level-headed, regard technology's progression in the next few years, and have decided to forgo the DVD option.

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