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Infographic: "State of Education" Illustrates Why Unemployment Rate is no Shocker

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America. The world’s powerhouse. Home to some of history's brightest minds. We groom our finest through our well-funded Ivy Leagues and top-tier universities. But what about the 60% of K-12 students who aren’t proficient in math or reading? Where do they fit into this picture? Well, they don’t.

Last Friday we were hit with June’s unemployment rate of 9.2%, with a dismal 18,000 jobs added that month. But for one segment of the population the number of new jobs created every month is almost irrelevant -- high school dropouts are not even eligible for 90% of the total jobs in our economy, according to research by Online Education. With a US student dropping out of high school every 26 seconds, it seems inevitable that our unemployment rate will continue to rise.

Online Education has created this hand-drawn infographic below to illustrate the state of our current educational system and how it compares to the rest of the world. Brace yourself -- some of these rankings may come as a shock.

The State of Education
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