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Unemployed Man Says "Huntme4sport" on Website, Seeks $10,000 OBO

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All Mork Encino is asking for is “a better opportunity than getting shot in the face.”

That's what the 28-year-old down-on-his-luck man told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution when asked about his website,, where he offers himself up to sportsmen as human prey for $10,000 (or $12,000, if you want him naked).

As “give-me-a-job” publicity stunts go, Encino's is cheaper than buying a billboard, like Ireland's “Jobless Paddy.” Taken at face value, though, it's also much more illegal than posting handbills around town, which earned one English man both a job and a 75 pound fine this month.

On his website, Encino, a self-styled hillbilly, touts his “certain kind of kinship to the land,” his foot speed and smarts (comparable to a “wild turkey” and a “wild boar,” respectively) as the qualities that make him challenging quarry. He also offers photos of himself in the wild, cleverly camouflaged, like this one:


Although he portrays himself as a drunken, gambling degenerate, Encino has a knack for getting publicity, drawing radio interviews and international media coverage. Judging by that and his Twitter account  (sample Tweet: “drank a mason jar of vodka bug juice --tasted like sun lotion,”) it's only a matter of time before some beef-jerkey distributor hires him to run an impish social-media campaign or star in a viral-video ad.

Reached by Minyanville this morning, Encino said all the attention has prompted him to try to “turn the Mork hunt into more of a job hunt,” but it hasn't worked yet. “I talk to people and they express their sympathies but nobody has come forward with an alternative,” he wrote via email. “And all these haters and idiots are really jamming up my inbox! Don't kick me when I'm down, dill rings!”

Encino continued: “I have gotten some pretty creepy offers, but I have yet to respond to any of them. I guess I'm still holding out for something better. Maybe that's foolish of me.”

At least he's not pulling this stunt in Germany, where a small cannibal subculture has been known to take offers to hunt humans quite seriously.
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