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ALTERNATIVE INVESTING: Derek Jeter's Dirty, Game-Worn Sock

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We've all been there -- you've got a whole bunch of cash laying around, ready to invest, you just can't bring yourself to buy yet another stock.

"Coca-Cola? But I already own it..."

"ExxonMobil? Borrrrrinnnnng..."

"Google? Again?"

Bonds? Dullsville.

Commodities? Who needs another hundredweight of rough rice?

Luckily, Derek Jeter is only two hits away from 3,000 -- and "no fewer than 200 products linked to the hit" will be up for grabs, according to the New York Post.

"Derek Jeter is always worth a premium in everything he does," Brandon Steiner, president of Steiner Sports, told the Post's Paul Tharp. "His status among fans is unmatched, and this is one of the biggest moments of his career."

Steiner says the ball Jeter hits for number 3,000 could be worth as much as $250,000. He also "holds the contract to sell five gallons of hallowed dirt scooped up from the infield and dugout after the historic home game."

"Derek will probably keep his bat and game glove," Steiner noted. "He's still deciding what he wants or doesn't want."

What he doesn't want is already known -- bids for Jeter's game-worn cleats will start at $7,000, but are expected to fetch $10,000.

Bases from the game will be sold for $7,500 a piece.

Signed game balls? $2,500.


What the pragmatic collector/investor has his eye on right now is this little piece of baseball history:

"Ordinarily, a single sock Jeter has worn in a season game costs $500 in Steiner Sports' catalog," explains Tharp. However, Brandon Steiner says a sock soaked through with sweat and coated with authentic Derek Jeter dead skin "will likely fetch $1,000 or more."

Who would buy a used sock, you ask?

The same type who'd buy a used jockstrap, of course.

A fan posting on last year claimed to have picked up Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez's game-worn jock for an incredible $13:

What's more, it came with an official COA, so KyleHess10 would have the peace of mind known only to men who can be sure that Ivan Rodriguez's junk was actually cradled by the very garment he holds in his hands:

Considering the lousy resale value of Pudge Rodriguez undergarments, the Jeter sock might be the smart trade, here -- it might even be a suitable long-term investment, like the A-Rod game-worn boxer briefs that went for $420 on eBay in 2008:

“There’s a market for everything in this business,” said seller Phil Castinetti.
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