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Huh, Whattaya Know, an Animated Tattoo

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OK, let's recap.

First we had our regular tattoos. Then came temporary tattoos, along with henna tattoos. Soon we had blacklight tattoos that glowed in clubs. That soon gave way to tattoos of modern QR codes -- ones that triggered a link to maybe a Facebook or profile if held up to an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc.

Of course, this could've accomplished the same thing if it were real.

But since a QR code can be linked to pretty much anything, why not a video that appears to animate the tattoo?

Needles and Sins Tattoo Blog posted footage of tatoo artist Karl Marc's latest creation: a chest tattoo complete with a QR code. Throughout the four-hour session broadcast live to an online audience, Marc took suggestions from viewers as he meticulously inked the straight lines in the QR code -- which, for anyone with a tattoo knows, is extremely difficult to get right on skin.

But the efforts were worth it as the ink came to life with an iPhone rested atop the subject.

Now we just need a few more augmented reality tattoos to get this animated ink ball rolling.

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