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Stranger's iPhone Reunites Estranged Mother with Daughter

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Now we see why people are willing to trade a kidney and their virginity for Apple products: An iPhone has helped reunite a 71-year-old Chinese woman with her daughter after a five-year separation.

Chengdu Commercial News reports that an elderly shoe shiner had become estranged from her daughter after the young woman left home and changed addresses. Without internet or cell phone access -- let alone an Android or BlackBerry -- the mother couldn't get in touch with her daughter. That is, until she noticed a passerby holding an iPhone. She asked the man to search for her daughter, but he did one better: He took a photo of the woman and used Weibo -- China's version of Twitter -- to post her picture and a phone number to his followers.

It only took a few hours -- as well as some retweets from celebrities and news outfits -- for the photo to reach 100,000 people. Three days later, the message reached the young woman and she was able to contact her mother.

Cast Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet in the film adaptation, and you got yourself a surefire Oscar nomination.

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