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More RIM Employees Join the Mutiny

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The ship's crew ain't too happy where this boat is headed -- and the co-captains should sleep with one eye open from here on in.

Yesterday's lone voice of dissent has sparked more outcries from within the company. Following the anonymous worker's scathing attack on RIM's performance -- as well as a dismissive response from the company -- nearly a dozen current and former employees sent in similar complaints to Boy Genius Report, which printed two in full.

The responses echo the sentiments of the original letter -- they both complain about poor management and an abysmal lack of organization -- but offer different perspectives. The second letter, in particular, adds to the complaints of the original. It reads:

"[Each] one of us has been handcuffed by overdone, poorly planned and every [sic] more poorly executed process. It can take weeks of time to make small changes, and months to make major ones. Whenever something goes wrong (incident, problems, even non-customer impacting) a lengthy and involved process of finger pointing starts, and without fail, a new process is born.  And, sadly, since the announcement came out about the financial problems and layoffs, it's become worse."

It goes on to describe the poor leadership which has created a workforce " that is unable to deliver things quickly, properly, or with any degree of pride in their work." Adding, "Being swamped by process, led by poor leaders, and buried in too many projects understandably leaves all of us feeling hopeless."


That does not sound good.

Adding insult to injury, co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis -- as well as the top brass -- don't seem to comprehend how dismal things have gotten. When they're not congratulating each other in earnings calls, they're responding to employee discouragement with a wave of the hand and a reiteration about how RIM is doing okay. To everyone else, inside and outside the company, it isn't.

To clean up a quote from Marcellus Wallace: It's pretty friggin' far from okay.

As a consolation, RIM is putting together a "committee of independent directors" to give some thought as to whether Balsillie and Lazaridis both playing CEO and board members is such a great idea. But given that the committee can conduct this "study" until January 31, 2012, it might be too late to give Apple, Google, or Microsoft a fight at that point.

If it isn't already.

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