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How Every Last Morsel of Meat Makes it Into Your McNugget

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You've likely seen the frightening photographs of mechanically-separated chicken in something someone once emailed you, titled something along the lines of, "Chicken McNuggets are Made From This Pink Goop" or "Hey, McNugget Fans -- Get a Load of This!"

While it may look like this after rounds and rounds of processing, Chicken McNuggets -- and other poultry nuggets, whether they be Mc, O' or Mac -- actually come from real chicken.

The venerable Bettcher Industries, Inc., a Birmingham, Ohio processing equipment manufacturer, is the company behind the Whizard® TrimVac™ -- the trusted tool for getting every last microscopic particle of chicken off the bone.

From the Bettcher website:

Bettcher Industries has done it again … developing a unique new way to harvest more lean white meat than ever in high-volume chicken processing.

The Whizard® TrimVac™ for chicken processing enables you to easily harvest sub-tender white meat from beneath the wishbone … along with “eye” muscle lean meat that anchors the breast muscle to the breast frame. You can also recover scapula meat and lean meat along the rib, keel and back.

Here's how it works:

  • The lightweight tool uses a high-speed rotating blade to dislodge, cut and vacuum white meat in the sub-tender area and under the wishbone.

  • A highly effective vacuum system removes the breast trim and conveys it to a special stainless steel containment tank.

  • All trimmed meat is hygienically conveyed so that it doesn’t come into contact with line operators, work surfaces or the processing floor.

The technical specs may well whet your appetite, but words simply don't do justice to the mouthwatering video Bettcher has put together for chicken-lovers (well, processors...who probably can't so much as look at a chicken when they get home) the world over:

Deal with it. Or perhaps you'd prefer lab-grown meat?

Didn't think so. I'll have the #4.
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