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TwitPic Founder Arrested, Tweets Photo from Squad Car

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What's the point of launching a startup if you can't use it while being booked?

It turned out to be "one of those nights" for TwitPic founder Noah Everett. Keeping mum on most of the details that led him to the predicament, Everett announced on Twitter that he was "getting arrested" and that he was "in the back of a cop car now."

While most people would treat the situation with solemn gravity, Everett had a different plan. Using his popular photo-sharing service, Everett took out his smartphone and tweeted a photo to prove to his 2.8 million followers that he was, indeed, in the back of a police cruiser.

About an hour later, Everett chalked up the whole mess to a learning experience. "I guess you can't walk down your own street half naked...who knew - I got a free ride home by the nice police officer."

Later adding, " half naked, I mean naked."

So... where did he stash his smartphone to take the picture?

But horrific mental images aside, what else are you going to use TwitPic for other than nudity or legal infractions? Graduations? First birthdays?

Please. I don't think that's even what manufacturers had in mind when they slapped cameras on iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys, or Windows Phones.

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