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Asian Girl Offers Virginity for iPhone 4

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And you thought trading a kidney for an iPad was final.

Solidifying the notion that citizens of China would do just about anything for an Apple product, the Biznewschina reports that a Guangdong teenage girl is offering up her virginity in exchange for an iPhone 4.

Strange. You don't hear about that sorta thing with a BlackBerry.

Posting a message on Weibo -- a Chinese equivalent to Twitter -- the young lady confessed her desire for Apple's shiny device. Unfortunately, her father refuses to buy her one. So, rather than get a job or save up for an Android, she decided to give up her only worldly possession: her sexual purity. The girl posted a photo of herself alongside a message saying she's willing to sell her virginity to anyone with a couple hundred Yuan.

Hopefully, a parent or guardian tells her how important it is to wait before such a transaction takes place.

After all, the iPhone 5 launches in September.

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