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The Los Angeles Dodgers Owe Vin Scully $152,778

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By now, you're likely well aware that the LA Dodgers have filed for bankruptcy.

The team will not be able to meet a $20 million payroll obligation due Thursday, as well as "another $18.7 million commitment" due Friday, according to the Sporting News.

Most reports are heavy on news about the monies owed to star players, like the $20,992,086 due Manny Ramirez and the $11,075,000 payable to Andruw Jones.

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, who is apparently also an author or something

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Frank McCourt, who looks nothing like younger brother Malachy, at least from this angle

But, while everyone's crying in their beer for Juan Uribe and Marquis Grissom -- owed $3,241,758 and $2,719,146 respectively, what about the $152,778 owed legendary announcer Vin Scully?

It's not like the guy's had a particularly smooth off-season:

"I broke my toe, and that was fun -- slipping on a wood floor in my stocking feet," he told the Los Angeles Times in March. "I had a root canal, and that was fun. Oh, yeah, I had something that's one less than having a colonoscopy."

While we're not exactly sure what Vin Scully having "something that's one less than having a colonoscopy" means, it's a fair bet we don't want to find out the actual details.

Look, just pay the man. Hong-Chih Kuo (owed $164,698) can wait.
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