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Infographic: The Power of Twitter

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Almost invariably, when mentioning Twitter to a staunch non-user, the frivolity of such a service is summed up with a scoff and, "Oh yeah, that's great. 'Hey, I'm going to the bathroom now!' Pssh!"

Which, in itself, is a perfect summation of why those people can never use Twitter: They're hamstrung by a hackneyed lack of creativity. Of course, if only current non-users of Twitter were the first to join, there very well might be a disproportionately large amount of tweets centered around the commode. However, to everyone's benefit, early adopters helped shape the service into the global juggernaut of communication it is today.

Whether it's shattering the careers of corrupt politicians, commanding modern-day parody, or helping to topple oppressive regimes, that little bluebird on our iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys, and Windows Phones is capable of revolutions far beyond its 140-character limit.

ProBlogger takes a look at just some of the infinite possibilities Twitter is responsible for.

Now, if only 5% of its staff could stop looking like non-users.

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