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Connecticut Moviegoers Are Dumb

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"Brad Pitt in movie! I like him! He famous! We want see Tree of Life. How many tickets? Ummm. This many!"

And the Stamford, Connecticut moviegoer holds up three chocolate-stained fingers.

Echoing an incident where the Alamo Drafthouse had to take an incompetent theatergoer to task, the Avon Theatre Film Center was forced to address the numerous requests for refunds following The Tree of Life showtimes. Written and directed by celebrated cinema auteur Terrence Malick, the film chronicles the lives of a 1950s Texas family. It features some very surreal themes and doesn't follow a typical narrative.

In short, it ain't Green Lantern.

So, folks expecting Brad Pitt as Mr. Smith fighting Nazis while knocking over a casino were sorely disappointed. In fact, so many customers apparently asked for a refund that the theater management had to post a sign -- originally captured by Twitter user Joe Meyers.

Unfortunately, since the sign doesn't feature easy-to-decipher pictographs, it likely went unnoticed.

But their response is not only a testament to the sheer unpredictability of cinema, but an indictment against the mouth-breathers who prevent most people from enjoying a movie on a Friday or Saturday night.

Looks like my reliance on Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, Hulu, and a widescreen TV will remain unabated.

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