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Comic: What If Tech Companies Were Talk Show Hosts?

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Last night, Conan O'Brien slammed Apple's latest and lamentable version of Final Cut Pro. However, according to this piece by C-Section Comics, Conan's acrimony should be directed more toward Microsoft.

Creators of the great How Smartphone Users See Each Other, the site mocked up a few personified representations of our most popular tech companies. Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Reddit, Yahoo, and Twitter are each given the face of the most well-known talk show hosts. Aside from a few questionable qualities (I'd hardly qualify Microsoft as "too powerful," and Twitter isn't nearly as unstable as Glenn Beck), the Talk Show Avatars are pretty apt.

Although, I do prefer AndroidPit's comparison of Research in Motion to Jay Leno: "Still resting on his laurels, while having done nothing innovative in years."

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