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Apple Gets Slammed by Conan O'Brien

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If anyone knows about a public's distaste toward change, it's Conan O'Brien. Being the sacrificed pawn in NBC's game of late night chess, Conan is all too familiar with how social mood can quickly shift when a beloved product is altered. Be it Gawker's site redesign, Verizon's removal of unlimited data for smartphone users, or maybe a fictional superhero's citizenship, once people have grown accustomed and are generally satisfied with a current state, to change it is nothing short of blasphemy.

Hence the backlash to Apple's overhaul of Final Cut Pro.

Despite a lower overall price, the new Final Cut Pro X drew the ire from loyal users who bemoaned missing features, incompatibility with previous versions, and a wealth of bugs that keep it from running smoothly. The software has been riddled with one-star reviews on the Mac App Store, and was even dubbed the "Windows Vista" of Final Cut Pro versions by one user. The person added, "[This] is no longer a professional application. [This] is just an upgrade of iMovie!!!"

Changing UI is one thing, but completely botching the process is another.

But Conan capitalized on the glitchy program and aired a segment on his TBS show for his editors to poke fun at the new software. And in the end, Final Cut loyalists at home can feel a tiny sense of justice.

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