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New App Makes Adultery So Much Easier

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Yesterday, a preview of the Augmented Reality Cinema app dazzled us with the possibilities of what the future of smartphones will bring. Imagine, holding a phone up to former shooting location for a film and watching a clip from that movie appear on the screen. It may not be a real-time textual translator, but it's almost there.

But for all the whiz-bang apps, what about the smartphone users who just want the, well, bang?

Last year, DateMate made the scene as an iPhone app which measured the date-to-sex ratio of all your former conquests. A year prior to that, Android brushed off comparisons to the moral and upright walled gardens of Cupertino by introducing MiKandi -- a marketplace for adult-themed apps.

Sure, those are fun in their own lascivious way, but what about something more repugnant? Something that exemplifies the lies and cowardice of a relationship that's gone to pot but neither party wishes to state the obvious?

Enter Call and Text Eraser -- or CATE.

This Android app allows users to "instantly clear your Call Log and Text Messages of all communication between you and pre-selected contacts." There's also a "Stealth Mode" in which all notifications -- audible and visual -- are switched off and collected inside the app. And you needn't worry about tech-savvy spouses: CATE can be masked with one of over 50 icons to represent the app, as well as your own personalized identifying text.

"A one-time fee of only $2.99," the site explains, "it's a littler cheaper than a divorce!"

Or a couple's counselor! Or the dinner where you tell the person that it's not working out! Or the kids you add to a loveless marriage!

CATE was designed by police officer Phillip Immler whose friend's phone was hacked by a curious spouse. Immler told WPTV, "I had a good friend of mine who went through a divorce because his wife was finding things on his phone. It intercepts call and text messages from people on your lists and stores it within the app."

Poor guy. All he wanted to do was cheat on his wife and get away with it.

Now, you can, too!

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