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Which Phone Is Verizon and AT&T's Top Seller?

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So, what phone dominated the competition at Verizon and AT&T locations this past month? Which device took the crown in the high-octane horse race between Apple, Google, Microsoft, and RIM? Who can claim-...

OK, enough. It's the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4. Yeah, no one's surprised.

Despite Android leading in overall market share, the iPhone 4 still outsells all other individual models of any platform. According to a survey conducted by BTIG Research over the past three weeks, 250 different Verizon and AT&T locations throughout the US were asked which smartphone was the store's top seller.

Fifty-one percent of Verizon locations said it was the iPhone 4, and 34% claimed the top spot was tied between Apple's phone and an Android competitor -- usually the Samsung Droid Charge or the HTC Thunderbolt, according to AllThingsD. Only 11% said a 4G LTE Android was the best seller.

For AT&T, the iPhone's lead was more apparent with a whopping 65%. An additional 31% said an Android model was a best seller, but only 2% said it was a tie.

Between both stores, the iPhone 4 led the pack 58% of the time, Android 20% of the time, and it was a tie at 21% of the stores. Tellingly, BlackBerry or Windows Phones was the best seller at only 1% of the stores -- which makes me question the layout of those shops. BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk said, "At AT&T, there were actually a handful of stores that mentioned a BlackBerry and a Windows Phone as the top seller in their store. We never got that response from any of the Verizon stores, which have dated versions of the BlackBerry."

Believe me. They're not going to want the newer models either.

Image courtesy of AllThingsD.

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