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China Manages to Produce Knockoff Anthony Weiner

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Chinese politicians -- they're just like us!

Or, more accurately, Liu Ning, the head of a government sub-district office in Guangzhou's Baiyun District, is apparently not entirely dissimilar to Anthony Weiner.

Today's Guangzhou Daily reports:

广州一街道办主任陷艳照门 暂未发现违纪违法


本报讯 (记者文远竹)近日,多个网站的微博上出现了广州白云区新市街道办事处主任刘宁在网上“裸聊”的照片和相关帖文,刘宁接受媒体记者采访时称,要了解“裸聊”这个事,记者要通过组织了解,要相信组织。昨日,白云区纪委、监察局称,已对刘宁进行调查,暂未发现刘宁存在违纪违法行为,并通过组织谈话提醒他不论在任何场合都应注意个人形象,检点个人行为。

近日,白云区新市街道办事处主任刘宁 “裸聊”的多张照片在多个网站的微博和网帖中“走红”。记者发现,随帖子还附带了5张裸聊截图,截图中被称为“刘宁”的男子赤裸上身,脖子上戴着一块玉坠,弯着腰,盯着电脑镜头大笑。5张截图中有两张全裸上身,穿着紧身三角裤,有两张半裸上身,有一张还露出了生殖器。有两张截图显示,这名男子戴着耳机,似乎在与人兴奋地网聊,背景好像是在家中的书房。




If for some reason the above went over your head, the Chinese Media Project at the University of Hong Kong explains:

Five pictures in all of a man identified as Liu Ning have been shared widely through Chinese social media this week. Soon after the photos surfaced, Chinese web users claimed to have confirmed by comparison with news photos that the man was indeed the Baiyun district official Liu Ning. Guangzhou Daily managed to reach Liu yesterday, and he confirmed that the photos were taken during an online chat. Local authorities have said they are looking into Liu's case.

The photos were posted to the publicly-traded "Twitter-like" microblogging service Sina Weibo (NASDAQ: SINA), which, unlike Twitter, is monitored by "at least 100 staffers devoted to monitoring content 24 hours a day," as company founder Charles Chao told Forbes in March of this year.

Reporter Gady Epstein pointed out that Sina Weibo "has become China's most potent incubator for subversive Internet memes, much to the consternation of bungling local officials across the country," thus "what goes on inside is monitored and censored rigorously."

"Try searching for posts related to 'Egypt' in the last few weeks and Weibo would tell you that, pursuant to 'relevant laws, regulations and policies, the search results have not been shown," Epstein wrote. "Individual posts discussing Egypt did get by the censors, but posts touching on any of the topics deemed most sensitive by Beijing, like the banned Falun Gong movement, would get excised immediately."

Unlike naked shots of a party official -- or so said party official thought.

If you're interested in what Liu Ning looks like fully clothed, here he is at a press conference last year, discussing regional flood control efforts:

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