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Crumbling Cuba Offers Economic Advice to White House

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While Barack Obama continues to take fiscal advice from rank amateurs like Chief Economist Jay Shambaugh and Director of Macroeconomic Forecasting Steven Braun, Cuba's state-run news agency has helpfully offered up some advice on how to better manage the United States' money.

Granma, the island's official news organ, writes:

Obama continuing to spend $20 million on USAID subversion in Cuba

While the economic crisis is sentencing hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens to poverty, the Washington government continues channeling tens of millions of dollars into plans of interference whose ineffectiveness is well known.

This is the case with USAID subversion plots in Cuba which, according to analysts, have merely served to prompt the arrest and sentencing of one of the employee’s of this State Department body.

The U.S. administration’s obsession for programs costing $20 million to "promote democracy in Cuba" and which are a front for intelligence and destabilization activities, has come up against the decision taken by Senator John Kerry, head of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, to suspend funds for these programs on April 1.

The USAID programs aimed at Cuba and comprising "investments" in anti-government groups and intelligence have ineffectively cost $150 million from the 90s.

Y'know, maybe if the powers-that-be in Washington spent less time pow-wowing with eggheads like Ben Bernanke and more time listening to the financial minds down in Havana, our dilapidated cities and towns would sparkle and gleam like those in Fidel's worker's paradise:



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