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Verizon About to Screw Over Its Customers

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It's all over. No one -- outside the company -- wanted the day to come, but it will soon be here. Say goodbye to casual YouTube views. To carefree podcast streams. To impromptu video chat sessions. To leaving Pandora,, and Google Music on in the background.

Verizon Wireless will soon be removing the unlimited data plans for new subscribers.

According to Droid Life, new tiered data plans will be introduced starting July 7 and any all-you-can-eat data option isn't to be found. AllThingsD confirmed the changeover with Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney. "We will move to a more usage based model in July," Raney told the site. "We'll share more later."

The new data options are as followed:

2GB – $30/month
5GB – $50/month
10GB – $80/month

And not to let an extra fee go to waste, Verizon will allow tethering to customers by adding 2GB to each plan for an additional $20 per month.

Oh, thank you.

Also, just as a reminder that unlimited data plans are truly gone, should you exceed any of the limits, a penalty of $10 per 1GB will be added to your monthly bill.

Droid Life reports that these new plans will apply to both 3G and 4G users and will not be dependent only on specific devices. Those under contract will not be affected for now, and there might be a possibility that those who upgrade to a new device after July 7 may be able to keep unlimited data as an option. But that is still pure speculation at this point.

This changeover has been a long time coming -- with the usual claims of "unlimited data is unsustainable" and networks being "overloaded" -- since the beginning of last year. AT&T forwent unlimited data plans, giving iPhone users another incentive to flee to Verizon once the device was introduced on its network. T-Mobile doesn't charge for exceeding data limits, but rather throttles the speeds -- which is arguably just as bad. Which leaves Sprint as the only major US carrier that freely offers unlimited data.

Hmm. That Nexus S 4G doesn't look so bad now.

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