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Greece "Essentially Bankrupt" Says Analyst With World's Most Unfortunate Surname

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Andrew Balls, head of European portfolio management for Pimco -- and brother of current English Parliamentarian/former Economic Secretary to the Treasury Ed Balls -- tells Bloomberg that Greece is "essentially bankrupt" and that "it would be “complacent if investors think this can be kicked down the road until 2013."

Andrew Balls:

Ed Balls:

Cheez Balls:

Bloomberg's Mark McCord writes:

Even if the nation is granted fresh aid “these issues are going to come up again in the next months,” Balls told Andrea Catherwood on Bloomberg Television today.

“The concern we have is that if you continue to kick the can down the road, you raise the risk of a disorderly default and worse contagion impact," Balls continued. "If you just told the truth and said Greece looks like it will need to restructure its debt” you could then “try and have a supportive orderly framework to do that.”

Of course, we have no particular interest in Mr. Balls' comments today on Greece -- this is just a cheap, easy way to write about a guy whose last name is "Balls."

With that in mind, let's go off on a completely frivolous tangent and take a look at British surnames that are "dying of embarrassment," in the words of the Daily Mail's John Garth:

The decline of Britain's most embarrassing names

(Percentage change between 1881 and 2008)

1. Cock -76%
2. Smellie -71%
3. Handcock -61%
4. Spier -56%
5. Balls -55%
6. Wilcocks -52%
7. Daft -51%
8. Death -47%
9. Gotobed -42%
10. Shufflebottom -40%
11. Bottom -36%
12. Jelly -34%
13. Cockshott -34%
14. Cockroft -33%
15. Bulcock -32%
16. Longbottom -32%
17. Glasscock -31%

Data: Experian

The appearance of Andy Balls on Bloomberg is also an excuse to reprise one of MV's finest moments -- Hoofy & Boo's report on the venerable Ed Balls and his US counterpart, Chris Cox.


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