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Was Your Email Password Leaked by LulzSec?

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We had WikiLeaks. We had Anonymous. And now, we have LulzSec -- the latest hacker group currently terrorizing the web. Unlike WikiLeaks and Anonymous, LulzSec doesn't have a uniform agenda to its hacks. Anything and everything is game. WikiLeaks and Anonymous maintain that their work is one of populism and justice, LulzSec just enjoys the chaos.

If WikiLeaks and Anonymous are Guy Fawkes, LulzSec is the Joker.

Of the recent online take downs perpetrated by the group: PBS, Sony, Nintendo, porn site, Bethesda Game Studios, Minecraft, League of Legends, The Escapist, FinFisher, EVE Online, and even the CIA. In addition to leaking the emails and passwords to users of, LulzSec compromised the login info to 62,000+ Gmail, Facebook, PayPal, and World of Warcraft accounts.

And of course, they posted the info online.

But before you rush to change your email and banking passwords from "123456" to "654321," Gizmodo has a quick and easy check to see if your login was among those leaked. The site also guarantees not to log your search queries.

So if you can trust the guys who leaked the iPhone 4, then there shouldn't be a problem.

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