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Rob Zombie Directs the Hell Outta This Woolite Ad

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Back in 2007, indie director Wes Anderson took the helm of a series of ads for AT&T and American Express. Unmistakably the work of the man behind Rushmore and Bottle Rocket, those quirky ads were truly his own and broke up the monotony of stale, brainless commercials that populate the airwaves.

The same can be said for the latest Woolite ad by Rob Zombie.

Quintessential Rob Zombie, this ad is the exact opposite of the pristine gleam from an iPhone spot by Apple. Zombie subjects articles of clothing to a Devil's Rejects-level of grit, grime, and torture. "Some detergents torture your clothes," the spot says. "Save them."

Woolite's parent company Reckitt Benckiser spoke with the New York Times about the spot. Jiri Kulik, Reckitt Benckiser's general manager for United States household marketing, said, "[After] some of the consumers in our focus groups described what their clothes go through with laundry detergent like a 'torture,' we got this crazy idea of the washing machine like a torture chamber for your clothes. And then we describe Woolite as the savior."

Of course, when presented with the plans for the spot, they were a tad hesitant. "[When] we saw the first storyboard we almost flipped from our chairs." He added, "Eventually, with testing, we got more and more comfortable with it."

Good thing, too. Because it's one of the most entertaining laundry commercials that doesn't involve a talking teddy bear.

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