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Browsing Classic American Cars on Cuba's "Craigslist"

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There's no Craigslist in Cuba. But the island has its own ersatz version, called, which sells everything one might find on the actual article -- save the hookers, murderers-for-hire, and the like.

Of course, the "Carros" section is littered with classic American automobiles, like this '48 Chevy:

A '55 with an original V8 under the hood:

This '54 Dodge:

A badass Ford-powered '51 Chevrolet:

A canary-yellow '56 Studebaker:

And a seemingly endless list of one pre-Revolution set of wheels after another:

Naturally, this being Cuba, there are a handful of old Russian Ladas for sale:

And, this being the Internet, Viagra is just a click away, as well:

Viva capitalismo!!!!!
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